Monthly report in December






 北京壁紙展示会  2022年3月
 インド展示会   2022年3月
 Evolution展示会  2022年6月1日
 ハイムテックス展示会 2022年6月

野田 晋平

Heimtextil exhibition, Germany in January next year is likely to be postponed to June next year.

We are always requested new design not only from Europe but also from China, Turkey, South Korea and Russia.
And we take pride in this. They all are willing to check our latest artworks because they realize that we make a constant effort to improve the quality of ours.

2021 is also the end of the year.
Looking back, it was a year in which I couldn’t imagine how I would go back to the world without Corona, expect the development of a vaccine, and finally did it, but still not return to my pre-Corona life. However, even in a pandemic, I think that thinking about what I can do, doing it, and making progress is the reason why I survived this year.

We hope that Corona will be settled to some extent in 2022 and will be able to exhibit at overseas exhibitions.
Two new employees are also scheduled to join from April. All the Japanese designers will do their best to become a studio that we can be proud of in the world someday.

Thank you for your continued support.

December 25, 2021
Fine Art Inc.
Shimpei Noda


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